This program is designed for the busier dog parent, or the dog that needs extra help straight from the professional dog trainer!

​ Consistent daily visits​

​   ​ ​  -​ ​3-5 visits per week, 1-3 weeks (to be decided at initial consult)

​     ​ – 50 minutes of training mixed with playtime to keep your dog happy and focused.

​ One follow-up visit with client in person (required)

​    ​ – Takes places at the end of each week, separate from normal visits

​    ​ – All training is reviewed/shown to client


– 60-minute initial consultation @ $50 plus tax

– 1 small bag of training treats each week

– 1 enrichment toy

– outline/summary of training at the end of each week


– Training takes place in your home where you are seeing the undesirable behaviors.

– Your dog learns directly from a trainer

– ​L​earning process is more efficient, and may take less time than client working with dog alone

– ​T​raining takes place at your convenience-while you are away or home

​ ​- ​M​ore time to put new behaviors into practice when your dog is already trained

​ ​- ​Y​our dog is mentally and physically satisfied

 Please email Leah@pawsitivecenter.com for more information and program pricing.