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Pawsitive Center practices Positive Reinforcement and Negative Punishment training, this method focuses on teaching and rewarding correct behavior rather than punishing bad behavior.

Dog training should be about understanding and trust.  We use treats, toys and praise (whatever your dog finds as a valuable reward) to make training a fun and successful experience.

Group classes assist with socialization and learning behaviors with the distraction of other people and dogs which can relate to real life scenarios while at the vet, out for walk, or just having people over your house.

In addition to group classes we offer private training sessions, because we know with hectic schedules it can be difficult to find time to load up your dog and drive to a group class so we come to you. Private lessons offer one on one training in the dog’s environment.

We also provide dog walking and pet sitting. Daily exercise is so important to a dog's instinctual needs, a lot of undesirable behaviors can stem from boredom. Dogs that get daily exercise are happier and healthier dogs!


What We Offer


Dog Walking
Regular exercise helps your dog stay healthy and better behaved, but sometimes you don't have the time. Let us help!


Pet Sitting
We understand that pets are part of your family and you want peace of mind when you are away.


Group Training Classes
Learn socialization and performing cues with some distractions in a group class setting.


Private Training Lessons
Hectic schedules can make it difficult to find time for training. Let us come to you!

Our Founders

  • Leah LeFevre, ABCDT

    Leah lives in the Syracuse, NY area with her 4 rescue dogs, Tucker, Karl, Keno & Flashy.  She adopted Tucker…

  • Spencer

    My name is Spencer, I was born on September 28, 2001 in Syracuse, NY. My mom brought me home when I…



Your physical body may be gone but your soul will be with me until I take my last breath.

Every decision I made and continue to make I always have you in mind. Thank you for teaching me about loyalty, dedication and patience, and for showing me true love and friendship.

I love you forever and always my little Spencer Man.

~ Leah