Training Services


Tired of your dog not listening to you, pulling on the leash, jumping, stealing objects, begging at the table, play biting, not coming when called?  All of our programs will help you with some of the biggest things that many families get frustrated with. Imagine these annoying behaviors being problems of the past!

We offer training options suitable for everyone! The biggest difference between our various programs is how much time we spend together AND how much time we spend with your dog 1-on-1.  Some of our programs also offer long term support, so that you can rest easy knowing you’re never alone! 

Now, that’s some peace of mind!

Are you fed up and embarrassed with your dog jumping on people? Tired of feeling like your arm is going to fall off while you walk down the block with your dog pulling at the other end of the leash?  We can help!

This program is great for families who have time to practice between lessons and want to be involved in every aspect of the training.  

  • 4 Private Lessons
  • 1 Mini Private Lesson (30 minutes)
  • 2 Zoom Check-in Lessons
  • 6 months UNLIMITED follow-up support via text & email

Imagine having a calm, quiet house without a crazy dog bouncing off the walls…and people.   Enjoy your walks, trips to the park, and sitting at a restaurant downtown without your dog embarrassing you by acting like a fool and not listening.  

This program is for the family that wants the absolute best training experience possible. Your dog will spend more time with us, so the training is even faster and easier for you.

Set for Life includes the ultimate in long-term support for your peace of mind.  And because this is such a comprehensive program, it’s PERFECT for puppies

  • 8 1-on-1 lessons, training for your dog with Leah
  • UNLIMITED Private Lessons
  • UNLIMITED Zoom Check-in Lessons
  • Lifetime Support Guarantee via text & email


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Photograph courtesy of Jody Williams Photography.

Is life and your dog a little crazy? You’d love to be involved in the day-today aspects of training your dog, but life is super busy, we can help!

This program is perfect for families who want to be involved in training but would really appreciate saving time and ensuring better results.

You also get a huge bonus of polishing lessons with us that you can use anytime in the future if you and your dog need a little refresher.

  • 4 1-on-1 lessons, training for your dog with Leah
  • 3 Private Lessons
  • 2 Mini Private Lessons (30 Minutes)
  • 3 Zoom Check-in Lessons
  • 1 Private Polishing Lesson that you can use anytime
  • 1 Year UNLIMITED follow-up support via text & email



CONTACT US to book a Consultation

In-Person Consultation: $75.00 (plus sales tax)

Virtual Consultation: $50.00 (plus sales tax)

Every dog is unique so we will have a meeting so we can discuss your goals, needs and wants for your dog.

After our consultation, we will be able to suggest a program that we feel will be most beneficial for your dog.