Leah LeFevre, ABCDT

Owner/Operator, Head Trainer

Leah, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, has always had a passion for working with dogs and after adopting Tucker who was very fearful, she did a lot of research and training with him. Watching Tucker build confidence and trust through training was so amazing and rewarding that Leah wanted to learn more about dog behavior. She attended Animal Behavior College, and in 2015 she left her corporate job to follow her dreams. She is dedicated to furthering her education and has spent several years volunteering in local shelters and rescues. Leah has been a foster, and a “foster failure”, for Recycle-a-Bull Bully Breed Rescue, and that is where Karl, Keno & Flashy came from.

Leah lives in Syracuse, NY with her 5 rescue dogs Tucker, Karl, Keno, Flashy & Boomer and her 2 rescue cats Squeak & Kosmo.


Assistant to the Regional Manager, Demo Dog

Keno was found in the City of Syracuse and brought to our local shelter he was quickly transferred to Recycle-a-Bull Bully Breed Rescue where Leah became his foster mom. He immediately knew he was home but it took Leah a little bit to figure that out. Keno has been assisting with training lessons since 2017, he helps dogs who are fearful & lacking confidence, assists with leash reactivity, demos obedience and is the best co-worker a girl could ask for. Keno is also an amazing ambassador for bully breeds.

Favorite Activities: Dock Diving (DE, DMA, DM, DS), Fetch, romping around with his brothers & dog friends, being the happiest & cutest boy.
Favorite Toy: Chuck-it Ball