Thank you for visiting my page! My name is Spencer, I was born on September 28, 2001 in Syracuse, NY. My mom
brought me home when I was 8 weeks old. I was a very energetic, strong willed and sometimes stubborn puppy oh and I
was adorable I’m talking people wanted to eat me up I was so cute, humans can be pretty weird sometimes!

Mom started right away with potty training and working on basic obedience with me. I enjoyed working and learning
obedience cues with her, she said it was important for me to learn this at a young age so once I grew bigger I was a well
behaved dog. Mom was able to bring me to public places and trust that I would mind my manners. It was pawesome
meeting new people, dog friends and even cat friends yup I said it I’m not ashamed I like cats!

As I grew up I continued to learn new tricks which was always a lot of fun and would keep me from getting bored, I also
enjoyed playing in my pool, getting sprayed by the hose, and walking to the park carrying my ball so we could play fetch
once we got there, oh boy I could play fetch all day! I was able to be off leash in a safe environment.

Working with mom was so fun we created such a great bond, I always kept my focus on her. Well ok I can’t lie I could
sometimes get distracted by a squirrel but I would stop and come back to mom when she called me.

In late winter/early spring 2013 I started to get sick, I was having a hard time keeping my food and water down. Mom
tried all sorts of things to help me, I would feel better for a little bit but then I would get sick again.

I wasn’t feeling too good one morning so mom stayed home with me, it was a beautiful day the sun was shining and
there was a nice breeze. I stood in the window sniffing all the smells in the wind and laid in the sun soaking up the
warmth. I even ate and drank my water without getting sick! I was still feeling too weak to go upstairs to bed so mom
made a fort in the living room and we snuggled all night, it was wooftastic. I’ll never forget that day.

The next morning I laid in the driveway and wouldn’t come in the house I was just really tired of being sick and fighting,
mom brought me right into the emergency vet for tests. My family and friends came to visit me I loved being with them,
I sadly lost my battle with cancer on April 16, 2013 and I took my last breath in my mom’s lap which was the place I
loved to be the most.

It was hard to see her so sad that day and hear her say that she didn’t know if she could ever have another dog, but I
knew how much she loved dogs, let’s be honest she’s a bit crazy about dogs. I knew another dog deserved to have the
same life she gave me. When she was ready I was so happy she adopted Tucker and to see him respond to her just like I
did, she finally realized that her passion was working with dogs.

I hope all you dogs and pet parents enjoy working with my mom as much as I did!